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Unique Opportunities

Go Learn IT offers a unique opportunity for companies to collaborate with a non-profit organization committed to empowering the next generation of tech talent. By joining our network, companies gain access to talented and motivated students who are eager to learn and make an impact in the industry. Our close partnerships with leading universities and hyperscalers like Google, Microsoft, and AWS provide an additional advantage by enabling our students to gain real-world knowledge through hands-on training and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Partnering with Go Learn IT is an opportunity for companies to support a non-profit dedicated to bridging the skills gap in the tech industry. By becoming a sponsor or co-organizing events with us, companies can help to create meaningful opportunities for young people to succeed in the tech industry and contribute to their local economies. Additionally, our partnerships provide a valuable platform for networking, mentorship, and collaboration, which can help to foster innovation and growth in the tech industry.

Build the Future of Technology

Collaborate with Go Learn IT by co-organizing workshops, hackathons, and recruiting events to help build the future of technology and bridge the skills gap in the industry.


Shape the Next Generation of Tech Talent

oin Go Learn IT's network and play an active role in shaping the next generation of tech talent by providing mentorship, guidance, and real-world data for our students' dissertation projects.


Invest in the Future

Invest in the future of technology by becoming a sponsor of Go Learn IT and supporting our training programs and events, which create opportunities for young people to succeed in the tech industry.


Make a Difference

Partner with Go Learn IT and make a difference in your local community by co-organizing events and workshops, and providing mentorship and guidance to empower local talent and bridge the skills gap in the technology industry.

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